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from Ellie, London

I have been twice and cannot wait for the next time. Felt very welcome from the minute I stepped in and the medium on my first night was spot on with everything she said to me. Also had healing which was brilliant, felt like I was floating and my back has been much better since. Very much looking forward to next week.

from John Curtis in Australia

To all at Strood Spiritual Centre have a great evening on your tenth birthday, best wishes from Australia. x.

from L. Street

As not many know i can tell you that ALL at wainscott who help run this centre for us, all their time and effort is done for free, i also understand that the hall has a price tag to rent, so to all the people that give there time for nothing THANKYOU xx its not just a sunday, its the continuous and ongoing weekly details that make the sundays so good that i would also like to say thankyou for as well xx

from G. Divers, Dartford

Our first visit and a very enjoyable one. We were made welcome and Karen Willis was excellent, keep up the good work.

from L. Wall, Rochester

Loving the centre since it has been taken over, its so friendly, great mediums and so nice to be there. Keep up the good work girls, it is much appreciated all the time you give up to make it this good xx

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